React is an open source, front-end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components like Vue.js, It gives us the ability to create components, layouts etc in our application. In this article we will go through all the fundamentals of Reactjs in this React Cheat Sheet.


Using react in our application is quite easy as we can add it using CDN or by using the CLI to install it from npm.

To add React using the CDN, add this script tags in your html

<script crossorigin src=""></script>
<script crossorigin src=""></script>
npm install…

Who doesn’t want to set up a side income if you’ve got the time? Maybe you want to save up for a car or maybe you want to take a break year. That’s where freelancing comes in.

Not to mention, you can become “your own boss”, work from a beach house in shorts, and at the same time, there is no limit to how much you can earn. You possess control of your growth.

So, here you go!

Five Steps to Follow to Get Your First Freelancing Project

As I see it, there are five steps you need to follow that’ll help you get your first gig and establish a…

What is a Stack?

A “stack” refers to any combination of programming languages and technologies or a combination of software products.
Technically there are two types of development stacks:
Firstly, a technology stack & Secondary, an application stack.
In simple terms, the technology stack is a more cross-disciplinary term in any software development process.

So, in this article, I am going to brief you all about the 3 top trending technology stacks to choose from; for your startup or ongoing business. …

State is the most complex thing in React, and it’s something beginners and experienced struggle to understand. So in this article, we’ll explore all the basics of state in React.

Before understanding state, let’s first understand some fundamentals so it’s easy to wrap your head around state later.

Introduction to State in React

State allows us to manage changing data in an application. it’s defined as an object where we define key-value pairs specifying various data we want to track in the application.

In React, all the code we write is defined inside a component in React:

  • Functional component

What if we write one code that can be used for both Android and iOS? Yes, you heard that right. React Native is designed purposely to support the ‘write once and deploy anywhere’ paradigm. It was launched in 2015 by Facebook and it took the mobile development world by storm. At VentureDive, we experimented with React-Native to develop a new product, Muslims by IslamicFinder. If you are developing a new product and are not sure whether to go for a hybrid or native app development, here’s a guide by one of our mobile experts that will help you make an…

Redux has been the go-to solution for state management since its conception in 2015. “You should you use Redux” became such a universal truth, that so many started using it without really understand why. And there are situations where Redux isn’t the best option. Some started to look alternatives, including adopting other state management libraries or creating their own.

Before we talk about React, you need to know two more things.

What is state management and why you need it?

State management is the repository for the current state of the app and its data. It’s a common part of the views. For example, in the case of user…

CSS Preprocessors debuted into the mainstay of front-end web development workflow and changed the way we code CSS. To say that its impact in pushing the limits of what CSS can achieve has been nothing short of revolutionary, would be a grave understatement. In this article, we will explore what CSS Preprocessors are, what are their advantages, their features, comparing the most popular types of CSS Preprocessors being used, and finally how to set them up in your project.

What is a CSS Preprocessor?

A CSS Preprocessor is a tool used to extend the basic functionality of default vanilla CSS through its own scripting language…

According to StackOverflow's developer survey 2021, JavaScript is the most commonly used language for 2021, The major reason for its popularity is the fact that Javascript is versatile and can be used for both frontend and backend development as well as for testing websites or web applications as well.

While we search for a javascript framework, you’ll come across various javascript frameworks, each with its own advantages and usage. With so many choices for the javascript frameworks for frontend, backend development, or even testing, it’s difficult to choose the right framework for your requirements.

It can be really hard to…

Web developers can leverage some of the best CSS frameworks to create user-friendly and browser-compatible websites and web pages. The main benefit of using the CSS framework is that it saves time, as you don’t need to begin from scratch.

Why Use CSS Frameworks?

Before we begin, it’s essential to know why CSS frameworks are an integral part of web development. Following are the main benefits of using CSS frameworks.

  • CSS frameworks help to build cross-browser compatible websites that render seamlessly across…


One of the benefits of learning Next.js, is acquiring the knowledge that is flexible in building and adapting to online reality. We can quickly try and test our ideas. If we succeed, we can easily add new features and react to rapid changes much faster than ever before to stay competitive. We have become more and more demanding when it comes to page loading speed (in milliseconds) and perfecting the user experience from using websites or webshops. That creates a perfect opportunity for companies to trust modern technologies, like React.js.

It allows you to build both simple and complex applications…

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