One of the benefits of learning Next.js, is acquiring the knowledge that is flexible in building and adapting to online reality. We can quickly try and test our ideas. If we succeed, we can easily add new features and react to rapid changes much faster than ever before to stay competitive. We have become more and more demanding when it comes to page loading speed (in milliseconds) and perfecting the user experience from using websites or webshops. That creates a perfect opportunity for companies to trust modern technologies, like React.js.

It allows you to build both simple and complex applications…

React Native Vs Flutter

React Native and Flutter, being the two similar facets of cross-platform app development, are always hailed as staunch rivals. Considering the huge amount of skill, time, and money invested in mobile app development, nowadays companies need a faster way of making an app. Continuing on our point of cross-platform frameworks, many of them tried solving these issues but gained a limited amount of support and popularity before eventually being shrugged off as just another framework.

What is React Native?

React Native is a popular open-source framework that runs on JavaScript. It primarily focuses on the native rendering of applications that is majorly compatible with…

Top 5 JavaScript Concepts you need to know about

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the number 1 programming language in the world. It is widely used by 95% of the websites; whether it’s a small startup or a big company. A lot of frameworks and libraries can be easily learned if your JavaScript fundamentals are clear. A lot of concepts are confusing and overwhelming for developers but a good knowledge of these concepts will help you in the long run. Frameworks and libraries come and go but the fundamentals always remain the same. …

npx Create-react-app myapp

npm start

npm run build

npm install

Are the above commands familiar to you?

If yes, then you might be working on React or you might have started working on this amazing JavaScript Library. If you’re a passionate developer then surely you might be aware of the popularity of this JavaScript framework and you might have also tried to learn this library.

Now let’s talk about the developers who are already in the industry and working on some frontend part of the project. …


Focus and concentration can be difficult to master. Sure, most people want to learn how to improve focus and boost concentration. But actually doing it? We live in a noisy world and constant distractions can make focus difficult.

Luckily, this page contains the best ideas and top research on how to get and stay focused. We will break down the science behind sharpening your mind and paying attention to what matters. Whether you’re looking to focus on your goals in life or business, this page should cover everything you need to know.

I. Focus: What It Is and How it Works

First things first. What is focus? Experts define…

Achieve Goals

The Problem with How We Usually Set Goals

If you're anything like the typical human, then you have your dreams and goals in your life. In fact, there are probably many things — large and small — that you would like to accomplish.

That's great, but there is one common mistake we often make when it comes to setting goals. (I know I've committed this error many times myself.)

The problem is this: we set a deadline, but not a schedule. We focus on the end goal that we want to achieve and the deadline we want to do it by. …

Procrastination: A Scientific guide on How to stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is a challenge we have all faced at one point or another. For as long as humans have been around, we have been struggling with delaying, avoiding, and procrastinating on issues that matter to us.

During our more productive moments, when we temporarily figure out how to stop procrastinating, we feel satisfied and accomplished. Today, we’re going to talk about how to make those rare moments of productivity more routine. …

Time Management

Time management can be tough. What is urgent in your life and what is important in your life are often very different things.

This is especially true with your health, where the important issues almost never seem urgent even though your life ultimately hangs in the balance.

Is there anything we can do? If we all have 24 hours in a day, how do we actually use them more effectively?

And most importantly, how can we manage our time to live healthier and happier, do the things that we know are important, and still handle the responsibilities that are urgent?

Students Success

Probably you are one of those students who are tired of leading their life in an auto-pilot mode. You feel the absence of excitement in your life when you see others living their life to the fullest. So ask yourself a question, “How can they be so happy and prosperous in life without any inner unsatisfaction”? Well, let me help you with the answer which is very simple: self-improvement.

What is self-improvement? Well, according to a bookish definition, self-improvement is an integrated development process that evolves throughout one’s life, and teachers to have self-awareness, improves personal abilities, and allows one…

It's no secret that almost every professional is on a quest to find the best productivity hacks out there. Whether it’s tips for answering emails faster or solutions for using your schedule more efficiently, people have many ideas for how to shorten the time it takes to do just about everything.

However, despite all the advice out there, have you ever tried out some best productivity hacks and found that they didn’t help you. So in this article, I am going to share with you the top 5 productivity hacks that you are likely doing wrong.

Here are my top…

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