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  • Deon Cardoza

    Deon Cardoza

    😪 • Yet another kid teaching you to program 🌿 • Founder at deoncardoza.com ☕ • Giving You Coding Tips.

  • Omtalwar


    Hi,OM here, I am a Web-developer and SEO Expert. I post blogs related to technology and many more

  • Sunil Sandhu

    Sunil Sandhu

    Founder @ PlainEnglish.io, Teacher @ Stackademic.com, Follow me on Twitter @ twitter.com/sunilsandhu

  • Soumadri Banerjee

    Soumadri Banerjee

    Editor @PlainEnglish.io

  • Siva Ragavan

    Siva Ragavan

    Founder & Chief Engineer — Clove Labs | Previously @Microsoft , @Amazon , @Salesforce

  • Brian H. Hough

    Brian H. Hough

    CTO/Co-Founder Airblock Technologies | Host of the Tech Stack Playbook | AWS Community Builder | 5X Global Hackathon Winner | Let’s connect → @BrianHHough

  • Catalin's Tech

    Catalin's Tech

    Writing about Vue, Node.Js, AWS, JavaScript, Cloud Computing and Software Development

  • Prashoon Bhattacharjee

    Prashoon Bhattacharjee

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